Created: 27/04/2015
By: Xohan Sosa

Thank you for purchasing Social Match. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact me using this form.

Table of Contents

  1. Preparation
  2. Install Script
  3. Facebook Connect App
  4. PayGol Service
  5. Admin panel
  6. Videocall Server
  7. FAQ

1) Preparation - top

Make sure you have the following:

  1. PHP 5.x
  2. MySQLi Extension

If you dont know what hosting buy, i fully recommend you this hosting Site5
With Site5 and Social Match you will not have troubles of any kind.

2) Installation - top

Please follow these steps to setup Social Match:

  1. Import the 'sql.SQL' file from the "MySQL File" folder into your MySQL database using the import function available in MySQL phpMyadmin. Here's a preview of what your MySQL phpMyAdmin might look like and where to find the import function:

  2. Using a text editor, open the files 'config.php' located inside the "SM Script/assets/includes/" folder, in config.php replace what's between the brackets( ' ' ) with your MySQL settings. Here's a preview of the content of 'config.php':

  3. Upload the files from the "SM Script" folder on the FTP server (usually public_html folder when installing it on a domain)

  4. Set the CHMOD to 777 or 775 (depending on the server configuration) to the folder 'photos' located in 'assets/sources/uploads/'

3) Facebook Connect - top

Ok, lets create a Facebook app
Step 1 - go to Facebook developers and click in Add a New App

  1. Choose Website
  2. Choose Name for you App and Click Create New Facebook App ID
  3. Choose a category for you App and click Create App ID
  4. Now Click Skip Quick Test

Step 2 - Under settings, Provide values for App domain ( ) and Contact Email and click Add Platform. Now you have to fill the form.

Provide Values for Site URL (Required) and Mobile site URl ( Optional )

Step 3 - Now under Status & Review, Click the button to make you App live .

Step 4 - Go back to Settings and there is your APP KEY and APP SECRET.

Now go to the admin panel ( and configure your FACEBOOK CONNECT

4) PayGol SMS Payment and others - top

Now you will never lose a client, accept SMS payment for dating site is just the best of the best,
you can withdraw your earrings to Skrill and Bank wire
Lets crete a PayGol app
Step 1 - go to PayGol Register create your account and login to PayGol

Step 2 - For create your Service Id click here

  1. Fill the field Name of service
  2. Also fill the field Mail report (it will notify you by email when someone pays with SMS)
  3. And for the last one and the most important fill in the field url of Proccess IPN
    Here you have to add your site domain + /assets/sources/smsipn.php
    for example i have it like this for the demo
  4. The price and the currency you manage it from the Admin Panel of Social Match
  5. Now go to the bottom of the page and click in Save
Step 3 - After you save your webservice , you will be redirected to your services ,look for the new service and get the ID

Now go to the admin panel ( and configure your PayGol SMS

5) Admin panel - top

The admin panel link is labeled 'ADMIN PANEL' and is located in the avatr drop down menu of the admin users. The default login username for admin is '' and the default login password is 'sm2015'. You can change login informations after logging in change password section.

Password: sm2015

Also you can access to the admin with this url
After logging go to Settings and change the password

Admin panel features:

6) Videocall Server - top

For make the videocalls your site needs a peerjs server, you can easly run your own hosted in Heroku for free
Deploy the server to Heroku clicking in the image bellow

Now, if you alreadyy have an Heroku account login, if you dont create a new account

After you create and verify your account, you will see this.

App name: Your app name
Region: Choose the best option for your site
Fill that information and click in Deploy for free, and then wait until Heroku deploys the server
When the server is ready , you will see this message "Your app was successfully deployed. View it, or make your first edit."
Click in View it and that will be your videocall server domain.

Now go to the admin panel ( and configure your Videcall server :)

Edit your videocall server without the "https://"

7) FAQ - top

  1. Q: I want to modify a text or something about the design...
    A: You can change anything visual from the theme located in: /themes/default. PHP knowledge may require.

  2. Q: I want to edit a language .
    A: In the admin panel you can edit all the 48 languages.

  3. Q: I have problems/questions related to the script, how can I contact you?
    A: You can e-mail me using the contact form here:

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By Xohan.

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